Introducing Our Newest Team Member: Peter Leonard

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Stokes and Spiehler is excited to announce Peter Leonard as our Directional Coordinator/Drilling Engineer!

Meet our new Directional Drilling Coordinator: Peter Leonard.

Peter's 25 years of experience as a directional coordinator will help our team deliver first class engineering solutions to our clients.  He is well versed in Well Planning, BHA Design, Hydraulics Analysis, Bit Selection, Torque/Drag Simulation and Proper Hole Cleaning Techniques.

Peter Leonard's Professional Journey

Peter brings a vast amount of experience in directional drilling, well engineering, and operational/project management success.

  • In his former role as a Directional Coordinator, he advised clients and coordinated all directional drilling, MWD, and LWD functions for GOM Deepwater, GOM shelf, Inland Waters, and Land.  He advised clients on safe and efficient drilling practices, coordinated BHA design, and coordinated field personnel.

  • Peter is an expert in designing directional wells.  He created a directional drilling class to teach Chevron Engineers directional well design.  Peter taught the class to several Chevron drilling engineering groups in the Gulf of Mexico Business Unit.

  • As a Directional Coordinator, Peter’s efforts contributed to the growth of market share in the New Orleans and Lafayette regions by 75%, while earning 100% repeat business with clients located in these regions.

  • Peter managed all Directional Drilling support functions for the unconventional shale land plays in North America.  In this role, he provided well planning, drilling engineering, BHA analysis, and motor and rotary steerable support for up to 140 rigs.

  • As Directional Drilling Manager, Peter’s efforts increased the activity in the Bakken region by 30%, by utilizing new MWD and motor technology to lower shock and vibration issues.  Ultimately, this improved reliability and increased ROP.  Also, Peter was able to decrease motor costs by 25%, by implementing a system to track all worn parts and associated costs, pushing design changes, and implementing procedural changes in their maintenance program.

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