Directional Drilling Coordinator

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Stokes & Spiehler is a leader in oil and gas engineering and consulting.  We provide project management, engineering, technical solutions, and technical personnel to meet the challenges that face oil and gas operators. 

We are looking for talented people who want to listen, lead, and innovate.  We attract and retain the most talented individuals by creating long-lasting relationships with our consulting partners.


Job Details & Requirements

  • Must live in North Dakota or willing to relocate.
  • This is an office position.
  • Implement all directional drilling plans and procedures according to company plan, oversee all drilling operations, and ensure compliance to all drilling objectives.
  • Manage wellbore path, perform survey to compute and monitor rate of penetration, maintain an efficient list of all directional tools, and perform survey on all equipment.
  • Provide assistance and training to all drilling trainees, manage all marketing and sales activities for various company products, and supervise efficient working of all processes.
  • Execute all survey information for processes and ensure all objectives compatibility with various results.
  • Administer all directional operations and analyze performance of all drilling procedures.
  • Assist all client representatives to resolve all issues, monitor job progress, maintain records of all data and prepare required documentation.
  • Maintain and ensure efficiency in maintenance of all company assets and locations and ensure adequacy of all supplies and equipment for website and prepare records for all equipment present on rig in coordination with client representatives.
  • Responsible for drilling a wellbore at a predetermined well trajectory, angle, and horizontal direction so as to intersect a subsurface target.
  • Responsible for drilling the vertical portion of the wellbore as per the drilling program.
  • Responsible for drilling the well at a determined deviation in a horizontal direction from the vertical direction to yield the optimum build rate.
  • This position requires minimal supervision.
  • High School Diploma Required
  • Ensure safety in work areas at all times according to required standards.
  • Collaborate with various departments to manage work flows for all rig projects and ensure efficient working of same and prepare schedules for all test activities on drilling rig.
  • Prepare rig maintenance strategies and perform regular inspection on all drilling requirements and assist in purchasing all equipment to ensure appropriate maintenance

For more information and other requirements, please contact us at (337) 233-6871.  Interested candidates are requested to apply.


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