Drilling Partners LLC: Small Enough to Listen, Big Enough to Deliver

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At Drilling Partners LLC, our focus is on the needs of our clients. Our goal is to deliver a quality hole to our clients at the end of the turnkey. We listen carefully to our client’s needs to meet all expectations. DPL offers turnkey services to drill inland water wells from spud to log on a lump sum basis, without voiding the turnkey contract due to mud weight clauses or other technical issues.

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Drilling Partners, LLC is a turnkey drilling and completion contractor that operates on the shelf and inland waters in the Gulf of Mexico. DPL can evaluate your oil & gas prospects and minimize your drilling and completion risks while adhering to today’s strict safety standards. With the access to numerous drilling and completion engineers, consultants, logistical and contractual experts, we can assure that you will be delivered a well that meets the quality that you expect. 

If you are looking to drill an inland water well, please contact us for a free turnkey consultation.

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