We strive to successfully deliver projects that meet all clientele requirements and deliver them on schedule and within budget.

Our team of technical professionals, and regulatory specialists combines extensive oil & gas experience with our tried-and-tested project management processes to successfully deliver projects.  Our priority is to build relationships with our clients and third-party firms to insure all client objectives are met.  We believe that integrity, communication, and foresight are key elements in success. 

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Excellence at every stage of the project’s life cycle

We provide comprehensive project management at all stages of a project’s life cycle.   We have technical professionals and regulatory specialists with the applicable experience to achieve success at every milestone.  We can handle comprehensive projects taking them from the initial planning stages involving offset research and permitting through drilling, completion, facilities construction, and production.  We seek the best solutions throughout all stages of the project by combining our team’s wide-ranging experience.    


We are detail oriented and plan strategically.  We have experience in changing operational conditions and generate plans that provide flexibility to adapt to change.  We support our client’s best interests throughout the planning, design, procurement, construction, and operational stages of all projects we oversee.     

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Completion & Workover


Construction, Production, & Facilities