Operators, Need Quality Consultants?

Posted by Russ Bellard


Why is Stokes & Spiehler a good choice as your Consulting Firm?

Stokes & Spiehler has been in business for 45 years placing Consultants on Operator’s drilling, completion, and workover projects. We also supply engineers, rig clerks, mud engineers, regulatory agents, and others. In addition, we offer qualified personnel for project management, engineering, and field consultants.

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Benefits for Consultants…

Stokes & Spiehler offers many benefits that other consulting firms do not.

· We pay on the first and the 15th of the month, regardless if or when, of whether we have been paid by the operator.

· We actively market our consultants for their next assignment with our sales staff in multiple cities.

· We have a team of employees who act as a "Consultant Care Team" and are available to you 24/7.

· We provide a $1,000,000 workmen’s compensation policy and liability insurance. This protects an injured individual with income in the event you are unable to work due to injury on the job.

· We provide legal services in the unfortunate event of a law suit concerning onsite personal injury, onsite job issues, labor law, or MSA issues.

· We can provide assistance in obtaining health care coverage as needed.

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Benefits for Operators

In addition to providing everything required by your MSA, we provide other services to you that not all firms provide:

· We have an active recruitment process to find the top talent available.

· We have a team of employees whose sole job is to care for the Consultants. They are tasked with onboarding new Consultants, confirming their job skills and training, conducting interviews, and preparing professional resumes used to introduce the Consultant to you.

· We conduct a nationwide criminal background checks as well as drug screens on all our consultants.

· We subscribe to and include our Consultants in various compliance databases such as ISNetWorld and PEC.

· We will not compensate or reward our Consultants or Superintendents to add additional Stokes & Spiehler Consultants to their existing projects in order to prevent a conflict of interest.


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