Stokes & Spiehler and CCUS – Providing a Technical Services Bridge to Cleaner Energy

Posted by Stokes & Spiehler

ccusCCUS or Carbon Capture, Utilization and Sequestration is a process that captures carbon dioxide emissions from emitters and stores it in deep saline reservoirs. The target reservoirs contain highly permeable and unconsolidated sands that make it ideal for these large storage volumes.   Our team provides a vast wealth of combined engineering experience enabling us to provide our exceptional services beyond the oil & gas industry to this emerging strategy to determine safe and permanent options to capture, utilize and store CO2 emissions.

Stokes & Spiehler is a Registered Professional Engineering firm that has been in business for 50 years providing engineering and consulting services to clients across the nation as well as internationally. We offer a multitude of services:
  • Well Planning & Design
  • Field Studies
  • Assessment of Existing Well Integrity
  • Interacting with Permitting Agencies
  • Cost Analysis
  • Tangible Items Procurement
  • Coordination of Third Party Services
  • Completion Design
  • Wellsite Supervision

Our team can plan and execute the drilling, evaluation, and completion of stratigraphic, monitoring, and injection wells in even the harshest environments. Currently, clients have engaged us to help them with their CCUS projects in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Illinois, and Arkansas.

Our expertise in the oil & gas industry can help you reach your sustainability goals. Contact us in Lafayette (337) 233-6871 or Houston (281) 460-5125.


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